Crafty Games Acquires Spycraft!

The rumors started up a short time ago, of a new company taking over the award-winning Spycraft brand, promising a bold, fresh product line testing the very limits of its robust RPG game engine. Well, it’s true, but it’s also only part of a very large and very pretty picture.

This is Rumor Control. Here are the Facts.

The co-creator of Spycraft and the designers of Spycraft 2.0 have founded Crafty Games, which is licensing the brand from Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. and will hereafter be responsible for All Things Spycraft. Crafty Games’ commitment to excellence is already well established, founded on over 20 years of combined industry experience and dozens of acclaimed products. Its partners are uniquely suited to continue the fine Spycraft tradition that they first invented.

Nearly all elements of the Spycraft brand will carry on, and many new ones will soon be introduced. Crafty Games will continue thePowered by Spycraft license, offering new and established designers the chance to take their own hand at the Spycraftsystem. The company will also host the ongoing Living Spycraft campaign, which will be updating existing missions to Spycraft 2.0 and releasing new missions and character conversion rules in short order. Indeed, in coming months, Living Spycraft will become a central hub for many of the brand’s settings and releases, allowing players, mission writers, and Game Controls the chance to incorporate all manner of new material – from a wide variety of backdrops – into their sessions.

Which brings us to the details you’re all craving – what Crafty will be releasing. In early in 2006, Crafty Games will bring you brand new Spycraft material in both PDF and print, beginning with aToolkit PDF series expanding the Spycraft 2.0 system with all-new character options, weapons, NPCs, locations, missions, and more. Toolkit releases will support all core modern play, including espionage, military, and other genres, but for those looking for something a little different, or wanting to spice up their modern daySpycraft games with something a little unconventional…


Crafty Games will also unveil several brand new mini-setting PDF series intentionally developed to take Spycraft into formerly uncharted territory. Delivering on Spycraft 2.0‘s promise as a platform for many varied worlds and styles of play, these releases will include modular backdrops and mechanics that can be ported piecemeal or wholesale into any game you like. The first mini-setting will see release in late Spring 2006 and takes Spycraft where it’s never gone before – to the Farthest Star, where the promise of deep space exploration and high space opera collide in a thrilling blend of sci-fi adventure.

More mini-settings and other PDF lines will follow, including the infocalyptic Shatterpunk, the monster-bashing Crucible, and the long-awaited return of Shadowforce Archer! But even that’s just the beginning. Summer 2006 will see Crafty Games’ first new print release, World on Fire, an alternate world setting poised to rock your espionage campaigns to their very foundations. Join the anarchist hackers of Banshee Net, the renegade superspies of the Shadow Patriots, and other Factions new and old in their desperate struggle to seize the future out of the maniacal hands of the Alliance of Evil Geniuses! With over 60 new Talents and Specialties, two new Base classes, a dozen new Expert classes, the introduction of Master classes, many new feats, Allegiance and Reputation options, and a whole lot more, this hefty product is the perfect addition to anyone’s Spycraft library!

And just in case even that’s not enough, watch for the release of Crafty Games’ second new print release: Ten Thousand Bullets, the definitive d20 guide to crime noir action! Set in the mean streets of Empire City, this essential sourcebook contains everything required to transform Spycraft for use in the gritty street genre, including new Base, Expert, and Master classes, new feats, campaign qualities, and Dramatic Conflicts, an alternate mission system, variant gearing up rules, and mechanics for Reputation and legal entanglements. It also presents a complete cityscape ready and waiting for your characters to take their stand – with the beleaguered cops shielding the innocent from the corrupt, with the ambitious gangsters threatening to engulf everything in their ever-growing territories, or with those trapped somewhere in-between.

Of course, all this may leave a few of you wondering about the status of the Spycraft CCG. After careful consideration, Crafty Games has come to the conclusion that the game must go on hiatus. Sadly, CCGs are extremely expensive and risky to produce – beyond the means of our humble operation at this time. We understand that interest in the game remains strong and we’re planning to continue developing the world through World on Fireand its supporting products. We’re even planning a special mini-series of Living Spycraft missions to bring the first story arc to its mind-blowing conclusion!